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Thanks and GOOD LUCK to those who have already purchased their ticket(s).

"Be A Part Of History - 2017 Holy Family Festival Raffle"

Each ticket is $50 and gives you the chance to win one of 4 CASH prizes:

$10,000 cash
$5,000   cash
$3,000   cash
$2,500   cash

Purchase more than one and better your odds!  I'll even drive to your house or mail you the ticket!!!!!  How more convenient is that?

Four people will be thanking me profusely August 19 when their ticket is drawn!  Winner not need be present to win!  Also, you might be able to deduct your $50.00 off your taxes*. 

How about this?  Go to Citifield or Yankee Stadium and you will blow 50 bucks in one visit to the concession stand!!!  And in 24 hours, your purchase will be history!  Need I say more??? 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Please reply to us at holyfamilyfestivalny@gmail.com and order your 2017 Holy Family Festival Raffle ticket TODAY!

*consult your tax advisor for you particular tax situation